Your Private Label Design

We offer 4 different options for labeling your product.

Custom Labels

We have an experienced label design team to create a custom label for your product. There is a onetime fee of $100 for design and setup of your label and $25 per additional product with the same design.

Your Label Design

We can use your label design to print your labels. All we need is for you to send or email your label in EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or PDF Format.

Pre-Designed Labels

Instead of creating a new design and layout for your private label product, try modifying one of our pre-designed labels. There is only a one time fee per product of $25 with this option.

Supplied Labels

If you have already been through the process of designing a label that you like, mail your printed labels to Private Labeling. There is no charge to apply these labels to your products.

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